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Creating shelf tags from your mobile device streamlines business operations.

Shelf Tag Creation with the Retail360 Mobile App

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As the operators of over 20 convenience stores, Petrosoft knows how important store operators’ time is. That’s why Petrosoft created the Retail360 mobile app to help retailers optimize their time and increase business efficiency. This article will explore shelf tag creation – just one of the features of Retail360 designed to make operations easier for small business owners.

Streamlining business operations is especially important in the face of labor shortages that are reducing the number of staff at many convenience stores. 32% of retailers predict that labor shortages will “always be a problem.” Because retailers, particularly single store operators, are having an increasingly difficult time keeping their stores fully staffed, optimizing business procedures is more important than ever.

One way that Retail360 can save retailers time and make store operation easier is by helping create shelf tags right from the floor. Shelf tags are the price tags attached to a display to show how much individual items will cost the customer. They can also include information such as product name or different sale offerings on the item. By connecting to a Bluetooth printer, Retail360 users—such as store employees, managers, and store owners – can create shelf tags right from their mobile device.

Because vendor prices are constantly fluctuating, savvy business owners know to update their price s to reflect what they’re being charged wholesale. This means reprinting new shelf tags frequently to keep up with changing prices. This can be very time consuming and takes employees away from the sales floor. Creating shelf tags within the Retail360 mobile app saves time and reduces labor cost to retailers, as doing so reduces the time spent in the back office and away from the sales floor.

Creating shelf tags is just one of the features developed for Retail360 to help small business owners optimize their operations. Retail360 is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Or, to learn more about the full range of features Retail30 offers, request a demo with our team.

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