Self-Order Food Service Kiosks

For made-to-order food establishments, Petrosoft's QwickServe self-service ordering system streamlines food service operations and increases revenue.  

QwickServe Food Ordering Solution
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What is QwickServe?

The QwickServe self-ordering kiosk system is comprised of two units: the ordering terminal and the order manager display. Plus, the customer-facing QwickServe app.

The Self-Service Order Terminal is a software-hardware bundle that enables customers to view, select, customize and pay for menu items while also enabling foodservice operators to manage menus and keep track of customer orders, inventory, and recipe costs. The QwickServe Kitchen Display Unit streamlines the ordering process by placing orders received from the Order Terminal in a queue, providing recipe preparation instructions and preparation time.

Together, the system offers an easy-to-use customer experience and a completely customizable food menu, increasing both efficiency and profitability. You can even add on a branded mobile app for pick-up and curbside orders that increases your brand recognition!

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Food service kiosks – and more

  • Reduce food spoilage and waste
  • Increase efficiency with interconnected customer order terminal, kitchen order printer, and management terminal. The QwickServe system also connects to SmartPOS for payment terminal integration.
  • Increase revenue by adding order add-ons to food menus
  • Have better insight into sales data by generating sales reports through Google Analytics


Customize with your brand

Unlimited promotions

Made-to-order self-ordering & food service system

QwickServe Food Ordering Devices

Custom menu creation

Create your menus using our customizable templates complete with product images and add-ons to. Or we can help you build a menu from scratch.

Easily add or edit menu items

Update, eliminate, and add menu items as your inventory levels change via QwickServe or CStoreOffice.

QwickServe Item Setup Interface
QwickServe Payment Proccesing

Payment processing integration

Utilize your existing card processor, eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware.

Touch screen interface

QwickServe's touchscreen customer interface keeps customers coming back again and again with an easy-to-use ordering system.

QwickServe Hardware Ordering

Customer-facing mobile app

Customers can place mobile food or curbside orders through the QwickServe app. You can also opt for the app to be white labeled with your own branding and locations. The mobile app include your location, customized ordering options, and built-in promos.

Implement contactless ordering

The QwickServe mobile app is designed as an effortless ordering solution for customers and retailers alike. The contactless ordering experience offers curbside pickup of anything in the store, including alcohol, tobacco, and lottery goods. 

QwickServe Curbside App

How it works:

  1. Customers place their food order on a touch screen kiosk
  2. The order is printed on a ticket in the kitchen
  3. Order management is done from an order manager display that features an order queue, preparation instructions, and payment status for each order
  4. The customer pays for their order and receives it from the kitchen
QwickServe Diagram
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Food sales have increased by 15% since we have installed QwickServe

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