Retail Loss Prevention System

Petrosoft's Loss Prevention Analytics provides new dimensions of knowledge, control and validation. Quickly discover theft and errors to reduce shrink.

Retail Loss Prevention
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What is Loss Prevention Analytics?

Loss Prevention Analytics (LPA) is revolutionizing the way retailers manage their operations by providing a clear view of a retailer’s operations – with verifiable proof of errors and theft.

It automatically detects sources of shrink by analyzing key sources of information, such as transactional and video data. It then produces documentation and reports for early detection, prevention, investigation, and prosecution.

LPA’s cloud-based software means you view reports and the associated video footage from any Internet-connected device. Pair with CStoreOffice for additional functionalities and mobile accessibility.

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Benefits of Loss Prevention Analytics

  • Reduce shrink to increase profits
  • Discourage and decrease theft
  • Identify employee training issues
  • Verify transactions, risk events, and employee claims
  • Monitor your store from desktop or mobile 
  • Quickly discover and prevent theft and errors
  • Improve restricted sales compliance
  • Verifiable proof of theft and restricted sales compliance

Why Choose Loss Prevention Analytics

Data is 100% secure

Cloud-based software

Mobile friendly

Explore LPA features that help minimize your risk events

Loss Prevention Analytics Camera

Automatically log video

LPA flags transactions that its AI identifies as high-risk for theft, such as no-sales, returns, and voids.

Control shrinkage by identifying theft

Users can review flagged footage and filter video by date, location, employee, item, event, and type of transaction to identify and stop potential sources of shrink.

Loss Prevention Camera Views and Sales Report
Loss Prevention Event Chronicles by Location

Verifiable proof of sales compliance

The Food & Drug Administration is pushing to increase enforcement of tobacco and alcohol sales laws using underage secret shoppers to see if retailers properly check customer's IDs.

Convenience stores and gas stations are the most likely retailers to violate  compliance and ID checks. 18.5% of retailers inspected in 2022 failed and sold tobacco or alcohol to minors. 

LPA captures age- and time- restricted sales to ensure employees adhere to laws and internal policies.

View real-time store footage from anywhere

Monitor your store from the back-office or on-the-go with the CStoreOffice mobile app. Your footage is stored in the cloud, so you’ll always have access to it.

Loss Prevention Analytics Cameras

How it works:

  1. Install your cameras for multiple views of your checkout counter.
  2. Once recording, LPA automatically combines different sources of information, such as transactional and video data.
  3. It then analyzes the combined information and produces documentation and reports for prevention, early detection, investigation, and prosecution of theft.
  4. You can select flagged recording to review each individual transaction and check for theft and sales compliance.
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Loss Prevention Analytics is an amazingly helpful feature to learn much more about your store operations than you probably want as it will show you all critical transactions where owners usually lose money."

Iryna Maskaliova
Pittsburgh, PA

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