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Loss Prevention Analytics saves c-stores money

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At Petrosoft, we’ve been running convenience stores for over 25 years, so we know that convenience retailers have specific needs – particularly when it comes to loss prevention. Loss prevention is particularly important for smaller retailers, who cannot afford to lose thousands of dollars in merchandise due to theft or be hit with fees for violating age-restricted sales compliance.

That’s why we created Loss Prevention Analytics (LPA) to help! LPA marries transaction data with video monitoring to create a log of every transaction your store processes. The system then flags risky transactions, such as no-sales, returns, and age-restricted sales, for you to review.

Only Loss Prevention Analytics is designed to give c-store owners the features they need to prevent shrink, monitor compliance, and manage risk. Check out how we measure up to our competitors and see why LPA is the choice for your business:

The Best Loss Prevention Software Providers

Features Loss Prevention Analytics Itsealtime by Success Systems Digibop Carbon
Transaction analysis
Video Surveillance
Video Journal report
Predictive analytics
Reporting and dashboards
Customization options
Mobile access
Chronicle reports
Risk Event Chronicles report
Made For C-Store Owners

While some loss prevention systems offer features such as video monitoring or comprehensive reporting on transaction data, only Loss Prevention Analytics from Petrosoft offers all the features c-store owners need. With Loss Prevention Analytics, retailers can save over $500,000 a year by ensuring restricted sales compliance and minimizing shrink. 

Automate Your Loss Prevention and Compliance Monitoring.
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