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Convenience store operators have a variety of tasks to manage to keep stores efficient and effective. From keeping customer favorites in stock, to training and overseeing employees, to trying to keep an eye on shrink, running a c-store can be anything but convenient. Petrosoft is here to help with our products designed with c-store owners in mind.

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Optimize your business operations

CStoreOffice is a cloud-based back-office software designed to increase operational efficiencies and speed data entry, reconciliation, and forecasting to optimize sales on everything from fuel to candy.

A mobile back-office solution for c-stores

Stay on the floor and out of the back office with Retail360 mobile. Petrosoft’s back-office solution was designed with c-stores in mind. Take inventory counts, edit your price book, and much more with Retail360.

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Data Processing Services

Take the legwork out of invoice processing

Add Petrosoft’s Data Processing Services to your Retail360 subscription to have your invoices processed in 24 hours and accept Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) invoices with the click of a button.

Deter theft and reduce shrink

With Loss Prevention Analytics, you have the knowledge and the proof to reduce shrink and maintain compliance with age- and time-restricted sales.

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Success Story in Ontario: Berthiaume Service Center

When Linda Berthiaume, Owner of Berthiaume Service Center in Sudbury, Ontario, began searching for new back-office software for her convenience store and gas station, she wanted to monitor her operations even when she was not in her store, correctly track her inventory, and find a way to track total liters of fuel she sold per day.

CStoreOffice was the affordable, full-featured back-office software Berthiaume needed. It gave her the flexibility to check her store operations, correctly manage inventory, and track her fuel sales from anywhere using the CStoreOffice mobile app.

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Before, data was all over the place, information was everywhere, you had to go to ten different things to get all the information needed. CStoreOffice puts all the information you need for daily operations in front of you.

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