Customer Testimonials

Retailers share the benefits of Petrosoft’s back-office solution, CStoreOffice®, and its end-to-end retail automation solutions including POS, MTO self-service kiosk, fuel management, and invoice processing solutions.

After all, business can get complex. Secure end-to-end retail solutions from Petrosoft can simplify retail operations.

Iryna Maskaliova, SGII, Pittsburgh, PA

“Loss Prevention Analytics is an amazingly helpful feature to learn much more about your store operations than you probably want as it will show you all critical transactions where owners usually lose money. These transactions are accompanied by high quality video will reveal all types of restricted voids, refunds, and many more suspicious events helping you in any investigation. Great tool to use on every day basis just to know your store and your employees better!”

Quick Stop, Panama City, FL

AASOA of Alabama and North Carolina

EJ Pope and Son, Inc.

Jigar Patel, SAASOA, Mobile, AL

Leslie Smith, Director of Operations, Fisher Stores, Inc., New Bern, NC

“We thought we had a good handle on our inventory before CStoreOffice®e but now, with a uniform price book, we can keep our pricing consistent across all of our stores and cash registers. CStoreOffice® also helps us manage our promotions and orders since we can track and manage our inventory from anywhere. It improved our shrink rate by 75% by the end of the first year and by an additional 50% in 2014. All I can say is that it really works!”

Vijay Patel, Stop N Go Convenience Stores, Asheville, NC

“The reason I use CStoreOffice® is because it makes my job very, very easy. CStoreOffice® has all the tools I need to run my business the way I want to and it saves me an enormous amount of time. The big pile of paperwork that used to be on my desk every morning is gone!”

Amber Rench, The Pumping Stations, Augusta GA

“I am the price book manager for our company and the C-Store Office price book is my favorite feature of the system. It really makes my job so much easier because CStoreOffice® catches every price change on every shift and makes sure that I can see and approve all of them before it updates our registers. I am always confident our pricing at the registers is correct.”

Michael Harrell, Duckthru Convenience Stores, Ahoskie, NC

“What originally made us decide to go with CStoreOffice® was the ease of installation. We have thirty two locations and at the time, we had no price book, zero scanning and no back office. Within two weeks they had us scanning at thirty locations! The reason we have stayed with them is because we have a comfort level with the way they do business. They don’t have a long term contract. It’s month to month, so they have to prove themselves every month and they do.”

Rizzy Mohammed, AMI Stores, Panama City, FL

“As both the Director of Operations and the Price Book Manager, I was concerned about getting timely operating data from our forty-nine locations and keeping tight control on prices, too. CStoreOffice® gives me the data I need to run the business properly and the data entry service helps us keep a tight rein on our supplier pricing.”


Mathew Giljum, Stop & Go, Toledo, OH

Sajir Haribal, The Market, El Paso, TX

“What I like best about CStoreOffice® is that Petrosoft keeps updating it based on their knowledge of the market. They own their own stores and use that retail experience to keep adding fresh new applications and reports to the site to help keep our business up to date. They also integrate directly to QuickBooks, which really helps us streamline our accounting.”

Tom Cook, Jump Start Markets, Ozark, MO

“For us, one key factor in deciding to go with CStoreOffice® was the fact that it is web-based and reasonably priced. That meant a simple, easy set-up and a smaller impact on our working capital as we were launching the business. Our time management is to be much more efficient using CStoreOffice® to run the business and we really like the one-on-one relationships we have with the tech support people.”

K. B. Roowalla, MetroGas, Los Angeles, CA

“For me, the cloud computing model was the most important factor in choosing CStoreOffice®. It works amazingly well from anywhere in the world! I own several businesses that are quite remote from each other and I love having total access to my convenience store business data whenever I want it, no matter where I am.”

Melissa Albert, General Manager, Marine Oil Company, Inc., Warsaw, NC

“(Invoice Data Processing is) the best decision we could have made…the app is definitely the way to go. Takes about five seconds an invoice. We haven’t had any invoices returned to us…it’s also helping us get the new items in much faster than waiting until something doesn’t scan. I cannot say enough good about it. The operators processing the invoices are to be commended.”