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Retail360 is designed with small and medium retailers in mind.

Inventory and Invoice Management with the Retail360 Mobile App

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As the operators of over 20 convenience stores, Petrosoft knows how much work goes into making sure inventory is up to date, especially when new shipments arrive daily from new vendors. That’s why we created the Retail360 mobile app, designed to help streamline c-store operations.

With the Retail360 mobile app, free and available in both the App Store and Google Play Store, you can easily manage your store inventory invoices right from your mobile device. The Retail360 mobile app enables you to:

  1. Receive inventory

    Counting received inventory has never been easier with Retail360. When you receive a new shipment, simply scan each item’s barcode, and enter the quantity received with ease directly in the app. Retail360 is connected to the world’s largest UPC database, meaning it can load item data without any additional input. This saves users time and makes inventory counting even easier.
    Additionally, with the advent of the SmartPOS point-of-sale system by Petrosoft, Retail360 can keep track of your sales to maintain the most up-to-date inventory counts for your store. To learn more about the power of Retail360 + SmartPOS, click here.

  2. Create invoices

    After receiving inventory, add the scanned items to a basket. Then, select the basket and create a new invoice. This feature lets you easily manage your invoicing while scanning in your new items. Have a CStoreOffice subscription? You can even accept invoices in your CStoreOffice account from Retail360.

  3. Conduct cycle counts

    Want to keep track of how many on-hands you have of each item? Or do you need to verify inventory numbers after a possible theft? Use Retail360 to conduct cycle counts. With Retail360, inventory counting is just as easy as inventory receiving. Just scan the item you want to count and enter the quantity. Then, you’re able to check the expected quantity in your back-office system against the count you performed. Plus, because Retail360 is a mobile application you can install on any Apple or Android device, any team member in your store can easily conduct inventory.

Through these features, and many more, Retail360 by Petrosoft helps you keep track of your inventory and streamline your c-store operations using the expertise we have as c-store operators for over 20 years. To learn more, request a demo with our team and explore the full range of features offered by Retail360. Click here to download for iPhone or Android, or scan the QR code below, to get started today.

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