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Convenience store inventory can be difficult to count, which is why Petrosoft created Retail360

All about the Retail360 Mobile App

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At Petrosoft, we own and operate over 20 convenience stores, so we know how c-store owners need to be able to be able to spend as much time as possible on the sales floor.

That’s why we created Retail360, a free mobile app available for iPhone and Android, made by convenience store owners, for convenience store owners.

Retail360 is designed to streamline and simplify many processes that store owners and managers must complete nearly every day. These time-consuming methods can be costly, as owners are pulled away from the sales floor, where the money is made, or have increased labor costs from needing to hire more staff. Retail360 can help you save money by assisting with:

  1. Streamlining your inventory counting

    Retail360 can take your inventory counting process right to the palm of your hand! By downloading Retail360 on your mobile device or handheld scanner, you can scan inventory using the device’s camera. This is more accurate than counting your inventory with a pen and paper because there is less room for human error. It also allows for centralization of your inventory data because the scanned quantity of inventory is in your Retail360 account.

    Additionally, Retail360 offers an inventory transfer function, allowing you to move overstock inventory at one location to a location where it may be more profitable. For lottery retailers, Retail360 now offers a lottery scanning mode that allows for faster and more accurate counting of lottery inventory. These functions help to keep your inventory counts accurate, saving both time and money.

  2. Inputting your vendor invoices

    Because the average convenience store sell thousands of different items, convenience stores get deliveries and, therefore, vendor invoices almost every day. These invoices are often multiple pages long and can be difficult to process. Retail360 is here to help! With Retail360, you can enter invoices right from the sales floor. Simply scan the items you wish to add an invoice for, enter in your invoice data, and it appears right in your Retail360 account.

  3. Managing your price book

    A retail price book contains all the pricing information for all the items sold at a particular store. The volume of inventory and variety of different items that convenience stores sell requires owner/ operators to spend lots of time managing their price books. This is particularly true for those who own multiple stores or have multiple registers that need to be updated every time a retailer must change their prices.
    Retail360 offers a feature called Smart Price Book, designed to help you edit existing price book items and add new items with ease. Smart Price Book on Retail360 is simple. All you need to do is scan the UPC barcode of the item you wish to add or update and add it to your Retail360 basket. From there, Retail360 adds item information from both Petrosoft’s internal price book—used at our own Market 24 convenience stores – and the largest UPC database in the world. This information can be edited to your liking, so the item appears in the price book just how you want it. Smart Price Book is one of the easiest ways Retail360 helps convenience retailers save time and money.

Retail360 is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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