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A wall of lottery tickets

New feature announcement: Retail360 Lottery Scanning

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In 2021 alone, Americans spent $105.26 billion on lottery tickets. With convenience stores selling about half of all lottery tickets in the United States, they hold a huge share of the market. And lottery sales help their bottom line, as 95% of customers entering stores for lotto purchase other goods.

However, retailers and their employees often spend hours each week conducting lottery counts by hand to ensure no tickets are stolen. Typical lottery counts generally follow this structure:

  1. At the end of a shift, match the ticket number in the holder to the corresponding space on the lottery inventory sheet.
  2. Next, locate the serial number on the ticket. Count the last three numbers of the serial number and write in the “end” box corresponding with the ticket.
  3. Copy those numbers in the “start” section of the corresponding ticket for the next shift.
  4. Provide the sheet to the store manager, who will give it to the next shift to repeat the cycle.

These counts are rife for human error because cashiers need to write down many different serial numbers for each lottery game sold. But, lottery counts just got easier because Petrosoft now offers a lottery scanning feature via our Retail360 mobile app, available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

What’s this mean for users?

Retail360 Lottery Scanning streamlines the process of counting lottery tickets and ensures inventory levels are correct. With this feature, retailers save up to three hours per day, which is normally spent manually counting lottery tickets. It also eliminates user error from hand-typing ticket serial numbers and deters internal theft from employees by increasing tracking accuracy.

So, how does it work?

With this new feature, employees can conduct fast, accurate lottery counts with a mobile device or handheld scanner using Retail360. Then, managers using CStoreOffice can reconcile these counts automatically with the information received from Retail360. This process is as simple as:

  1. Pick your store location within the Retail360 app.
  2. Scan the serial number from a lottery ticket.
  3. Retail360 automatically reads the serial number and determines the tickets number in the pack.
  4. Swipe the image to add lottery ticket to basket.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for any other lottery tickets you need to count.
  6. Open basket and swipe up to convert basket to Lottery Count.
  7. Swipe up to “Send to CStoreOffice.”

With the Retail360 Lottery Scanning feature, you save time and money by reducing labor costs, human error, and employee theft. Download Retail360 on the App Store and Google Play Store today! Or, to get a closer look at how Retail360 Lottery Scanning works, check out our Youtube video:

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