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Retail360 connects to Petrosoft's SmartPOS to help streamline operations for c-store owners.

How does Retail360 work with SmartPOS?

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While Retail360 has the ability to scan inventory, input your vendor invoices, and manage your price book, did you know it can do even more when connected to Petrosoft’s point-of-sale system?

SmartPOS and Retail360 come together to make it even easier for retailers to:

  1. Manage their price books

    With the advent of Smart Price Book on Retail360, CStoreOffice, and SmartPOS, managing your price book has never been easier. To add an item or update the data on an existing item, use Retail360 to scan the item barcode. The app will then pull item data from the Universal Product Code (UPC) database, as well as Petrosoft’s extensive item library. Once the user is done adding or editing the information, Retail360 updates their centralized price book, and the updates are sent to the SmartPOS terminal. Any pricing changes are immediately implemented on the POS.

  2. Reconcile their inventory

    Retail360 lets users count their inventory from the palm of their hand by using a mobile device, such as a cell phone or inventory scanner. This tool becomes even more powerful when paired with a SmartPOS, which houses sales data. This is because Retail360 is able to combine data from inventory counts to sales data from a SmartPOS terminal to determine what items sell the best, which are dead stock and if there are any discrepancies between expected inventory levels and actual inventory levels.

    Retailers need access to this data to make more informed inventory purchasing decisions. For example, if 20 oz. bottles of Coca Cola sell particularly well at an individual store, the retailer may want to purchase more of that product. On the other hand, if 20 oz. bottles of Coca Cola are always left on the shelf and expire, that can indicate to a retailer that they need to purchase less.

    Finally, inventory reconciliation can help detect shrink, or theft of merchandise. Because Retail360 has access to inventory, invoice, and sales data, it can tell when product is missing. For example, if a retailer enters an invoice for 10 packages of Lay’s chips and 5 are sold via the SmartPOS, 5 bags should remain during an inventory count. However, if only 3 bags are counted during inventory, the retailer now knows that 2 bags are missing. With Retail360 connected to SmartPOS, inventory reconciliation is easy.

  3. Implement Scan Data programs

    For tobacco retailers, implementing Scan Data programs can often be a time-consuming and confusing process. Different manufacturers may require different data or different data formatting that busy c-store owners may not have time to undertake. That’s why Retail360 is ready to implement Petrosoft’s Scan Data program. With Scan Data, your tobacco sales data is automatically sent to the manufacturer to make receiving rebates even easier.

    From Retail360, you can implement rebates with the swipe of your finger. Then, the app pulls the sales data directly from your connected SmartPOS and sends it to the tobacco manufacturer. Finally, once your data is reported, you receive your rebates. The average retailer can earn up to $36,000 per year per store from implementing a Scan Data program.

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