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Price book management can be hard, but Petrosoft's Smart Price Book makes it easy!

New feature announcement: Smart Price Book

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Convenience stores have an average of 500 different SKUs – or products – per store. This quantity of inventory creates the time-consuming task of price book management for c-store operators. And with recent supply chain disruptions, item availability and prices can change on a near daily basis.

Now, with the introduction of the latest feature in the Petrosoft cloud, Smart Price Book, users can save more time updating and managing their price books across CStoreOffice, SmartPOS, and Retail360. Smart Price Book automatically connects users to the largest Universal Product Code (UPC) database in the world.

And this means users can upload and edit items in their retail price book with just the touch of the button!

So how does it work?

Users can access Smart Price Book through the Retail360 mobile app, CStoreOffice back-office application, and/or SmartPOS point-of-sale terminal. Then simply scan an item bar code or type the item UPC to add and/or edit in your price book. The item information is automatically pulled from the UPC database, including product name, dimension, weight, images, and more. and more.

To access Smart Price Book, there are three easy ways utilizing different Petrosoft products:

  1. Using Retail 360

    For users of the Retail360 mobile app, simply scan the item, and the app will come up with a suggestion. You can choose to add the item as is or edit the data to suit your needs.

  2. Using SmartPOS

    If you have a SmartPOS point-of-sale terminal, scan the item with your terminal’s barcode scanner. Smart Price Book will then suggest an item based on the scanned barcode, which you can add or edit to add.

  3. Using CStoreOffice

    In CStoreOffice, Petrosoft’s flagship back-office software, navigate to the Item Page and click “Add.” (See Below) From there, enter the UPC of the Item you want to add. The page will then refresh, and the item data will appear.

At its core, Smart Price Book can be used as a standalone feature within each of the aforementioned Petrosoft solutions. But for customers using the Petrosoft cloud, Smart Price Book can connect additional products and functionalities to further simplify the user experience – saving time and increasing accuracy.

For example, if you scan a new product into your price book with Retail360, your CStoreOffice account will reflect this new addition, and it will be available for sale on your SmartPOS. The benefits of Smart Price Book are time saved on updating your product information, pricing accuracy and centralized management (for those with connected products). Ultimately helping retailers boost their bottom line.

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