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5 Key Benefits You Can Keep In Your Pocket

C-store Back Office Mobile Application – 5 Key Benefits You Can Keep In Your Pocket

Stay connected to your c-store wherever you go using an integrated mobile app.

You spend hours at your c-store trying to improve your bottom line—from managing inventory and daily sales to keeping your staff happy and engaged and finding unique ways to meet customer needs. Unfortunately, at times, your commitment to success may feel overwhelming and can keep you away from doing other things you enjoy.

Solution: Manage your c-store on the go, wherever you are, using an integrated mobile app. You’ll stay connected to your c-store (and gas station) 24/7 and be able to remotely view and run your business from the palm of your hand.

5 Key Benefits of Mobile C-store Management

  1. Track daily retail sales to forecast what to promote (and where) and how to price items more effectively at each c-store you manage.

  1. Manage your price book and observe how promotions are performing — you can then make any necessary pricing adjustments. You can also check on the progress of loyalty programs and buydowns to ensure they’re doing what you intended (or were promised).

  1. Monitor your c-store’s activity and reconcile cash to identify and stop theft quickly. For example, using Petrosoft’s CStoreoffice® Mobile app, you can view the real-time feed from your security cameras to identify any theft that occurs in your c-store and provide verifiable proof to local law enforcement. Plus, you can uncover the specific training needs for your employees — both individually and collectively.

Learn how c-store owners use Petrosoft’s CStoreOffice® Mobile app to stop employee theft and decrease shrinkage. Download our case study.

  1. Scan invoices and maintain item-level inventory control to decrease overhead costs, limit waste, and maximize your c-store’s profit. And with 24/7 access, you can resolve delivery or invoice errors faster.

  1. Examine employee shift reports to provide optimal customer service during peak times at each c-store, which will ultimately improve your bottom line.

Bottom line: Using an integrated mobile app to manage your c-store gives you the flexibility to access critical information when you need it. Plus, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing you can make crucial business decisions from wherever life takes you.

The next step: Discover how to take data accessibility and c-store inventory management from anywhere. Go mobile today with Petrosoft’s FREE CStoreOffice® Back-Office Mobile app. Get your demo today.

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