Convenience Store Back-Office Software

CStoreOffice is a cloud-based solution designed to  increase the operational efficiencies of c-store and fuel retailers.

CStoreOffice Interface
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What is CStoreOffice?​

CStoreOffice is a cloud-based back office solution designed to increase operational efficiencies by speeding up data entry, reconciliation, and forecasting to optimize merchandise, food, and fuel sales. It is designed to improve your margins and reduce your inventory shrink and spoilage. Plus, CStoreOffice helps you increase pricing consistency and employee efficiency, maximize sales and eliminate dead inventory.

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Benefit from optimized profits and operations with CStoreOffice

  • Make informed business decisions with over 200 reports
  • Speed up data entry and reconciliation
  • Improve merchandise forecasting
  • Improve pricing consistency and employee efficiency
  • Centralize management of item-level inventory 
  • Reduce travel time to different locations
  • Increase promotional opportunities

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Included mobile app

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Full-featured convenience store and gas station back-office software

CStoreOffice Price Book Management Interface

Centralized price book management

Update your price book directly from CStoreOffice. You can set up, add, edit, or more items between departments and categories. Make global changes to the price book and manage pricing by group, custom group, store location or division. 

Inventory management

Streamline your inventory management with invoices and sales data in one easy-to-manage place. CStoreOffice lets you gain control over inventory by being able to forecast merchandise orders and better manage shrinkage to cut down on your losses.

CStoreOffice Fuel Inventory Report
SmartPOS Cashier Interface

Integrate with your existing technology

Connect CStoreOffice with your existing point-of-sale system via Petrosoft's Direct Connect. Users can also connect directly through SmartPOS system. CStoreOffice also integrates with leading ERPs including, Intuit QuickBooks and Great Plains, for easy data exchange.

CStoreOffice mobile app

With the CStoreOffice Mobile app, you can remotely manage your business from anywhere - synced across all of your internet connected devices. You can see shift reports data, scan invoices, and check inventory levels to make better operating decisions. 

CStore Mobile App Reports
CStoreOffice Orders Management

Automated supply chain

Replenish inventory instantly by approving orders that are automatically generated by CStoreOffice’s Artificial Intelligence, based on your sales data.

Promotions management

Set up promotions in advance with specific time frames, even on systems that might not support mix and match promotions.

CStoreOffice Promotions Setup
CStoreOffice Manager Workflow

Automated workflows

CStoreOffice automates operational workflows, so you can balance cash, verify sales, purchase data, as well as conduct inventory in one-click. Making sure that employees complete their daily tasks just got easier!


How it works:

  1. Purchase either a SmartPOS or a Petrosoft Direct Connect box to access CStoreOffice from any internet-connected device
  2. Activate your SmartPOS or DC box and connect to your existing POS
  3. Get online and access your CStoreOffice subscription
  4. Add-on: Scan Data for tobacco promotions and rebates
  5. Add-on: Data Processing Services for automated invoice processing
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What I like best about CStoreOffice is that Petrosoft keeps updating it based on their knowledge of the market. They own their own stores and use that retail experience to keep adding fresh new applications and reports to the site to help keep our business up to date."

Sajir Haribal
The Market

El Paso, TX

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