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Inside the minds of the industry's small operators report cover

Key Takeaways from the Small Operator Survey

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CSNews surveyed single-store and small-chain convenience stores to find out what they were experiencing and thought about their operations and the outlook for the year. 
Here a few findings:

  • 43 % of small operators say their sales and profits are trending better in 2021 than they were last year
  • 22% said 2021 would be about the same as 2020
  • A smaller percentage, 14%, said 2021 might turn out to be one of their best years
  • 7% said they would either decrease their number of stores this year or sell them and exit the business 

What worried c-store operators?

Finding good employees is cited as the biggest challenge by 82 percent of small operators. Other worries included:

  • Insufficient attention from suppliers that favor larger chains or grocery stores 
  • Industry consolidation and competition
  • Keeping up with emerging technologies
  • Tobacco regulation from bans on menthol and other flavors
  • Motor fuel margins

Find out more about trends in foodservice sales, fuel and more. View the summary or contact us for the full report.

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