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Petrosoft Announces New Version of Retail360, An Innovative Retail Back-Office Application

Pittsburgh, PA [July 1, 2024] Petrosoft LLC, a mainstay of retail technology solutions, is releasing the latest version of their Retail360 mobile application. Retail360 is a comprehensive app, available on Apple and Android devices, that can scan inventory, run sales reports, manage lottery sales, process invoices, and more.

Retail360 revolutionized store management for small retailers by putting back-office functionalities in the palm of their hands, keeping store owners and managers on the sales floor. With these capabilities, retailers save money and time by increasing operational efficiency and gaining business insights they use to boost the bottom line.

“We’re extremely excited to offer the new evolution for Retail360 to our customers,” said Retail360 product manager Max Gorlov. “The latest version of the app provides expanded coverage and even better data integration, enabling store owners to streamline their operations and increase profitability.”

Retail360 integrates with Petrosoft’s suite of SaaS products for convenience retail, including CStoreOffice, Loss Prevention Analytics, Scan Data, and Data Processing Services. By marrying sales data, invoices, and inventory reports, retailers get a complete view of their business operations from anywhere and can make more informed business decisions. Furthermore, Retail360 connects to Petrosoft’s SmartPOS point-of-sale terminal, making it an all-in-one solution for managing all aspects of a retail businesses. The Petrosoft ecosystem offers solutions for all sorts of retail businesses, from convenience stores and gas stations, to liquor stores and tobacco distributors.

About Petrosoft: Petrosoft’s founder is a c-store operator and engineer who developed a cloud-based back-office software solution in 2002. Today, the company designs, creates and markets end-to-end c-store technology, enabling a seamless connection between retailers and their point-of-sale, foodservice, back-office, analytics, and financial systems. The company prides itself on their ability to create innovative ways to allow operators to make the most of their operational data, decreasing risk while optimizing productivity, sales, and profit. Petrosoft is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Find out more at