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Petrosoft Introduces a Revolutionary Loss Prevention Analytics Solution at NACS 2016

PITTSBURGH, PA –(Marketwired – October 19, 2016) – With an industry aggregate of $42 billion in annual losses, Petrosoft recognized the opportunity to empower retailers to gain better control of retail operations with its Loss Prevention Analytics technology. The solution is revolutionizing the way retailers manage their operations by providing a clear view and verifiable proof of errors and theft. Loss Prevention Analytics enhances both POS and loss prevention technology.

This solution discourages theft with verifiable proof, identifies employee training issues, and quickly helps to verify transactions, risk events, and employee claims. It provides new dimensions of knowledge, control, and validation. With this solution, retailers gain access to accurate and timely information that has been historically difficult or impossible to obtain. It provides this information by first automatically combining different sources of information, such as transactional and video data. It then analyzes the combined information, sets rules, and produces documentation and reports for prevention, early detection, investigation, and prosecution.

“Loss Prevention Analytics is a perfect example of how Petrosoft’s solutions can leverage an organization’s existing data and systems, empowering retailers to gain new dimensions of knowledge that impact both operations and financial results,” said Sergey Gorlov, CEO of Petrosoft. “This approach to our product development enables Petrosoft to provide value to retailers in this ever-changing retail ecosystem.”

Loss Prevention Analytics includes a cloud-based interface enabling retailers, from any location, to quickly look into reports and click-through to view the associated video footage from any internet-connected device. Ultimately, Petrosoft’s Loss Prevention Analytics solution provides retailers with comfort and peace of mind.


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