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Petrosoft Adds Altria’s API to its Scan Data Solution to Enable C-Stores and Other Tobacco Retailers

PITTSBURGH, PA–(Nov 19, 2021) – Petrosoft introduces a new feature to its Scan Data solution, integrating Altria’s AGDC Price Promotions API. This new feature solves the first mile of scan data, accepting error-free price promotions and updating the c-store or other tobacco retailer’s point-of-sale (POS) within a few clicks. 

The first mile of tobacco promotions setup can be complicated and prone to errors by tobacco retailers and their price book managers. This impacts the c-store or other tobacco retailer’s ability to receive credit and collect on Altria’s promotional programs. This integration also makes it easier to view all the products available for each price promotion, uncovering new opportunities. 

According to a NACS two-part study*, one of the top 5 technologies by impact on business includes back-office and POS systems. Petrosoft’s cloud platform and industry partnership are built for integration and easy data workflows to empower single, multi-unit and enterprises to easily collect, update, exchange and analyze their data.  

C-stores and other tobacco retailers can take advantage of Altria’s $250 API incentive, which ends on Dec 17, 2021 by: 

  • Signing up with a 3rd party technology company’s program, such as Petrosoft’s Scan Data program
  • Signing Altria’s consent form, giving consent to your 3rd party (Petrosoft) to access the API on your behalf. 
  • Emailing to let them know you authorize Petrosoft. 

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*NACS Convenience Retail Technology Implementation Mapping & RFP Guide Part Two of a Two-part Study.  

About Petrosoft 
Petrosoft’s leader is a chain retail operator and engineer who initially developed a cloud-based back-office software solution in 2002. Today, the company designs, develops, and markets end-to-end c-store technology, enabling a seamless connection between vendors, point-of-sale, foodservice, back-office, network, analytics, and financial systems. The company continually strives to find innovative ways to enable operators to make the most of their on-site and back-office operational data, decreasing risk while optimizing inventory, productivity, sales, profits, and margins. The company supports its products from its headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. It offers services and a full menu of training options, including on-site, classroom, online, and on-demand sessions. Find out more at  

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Melanie Widmann