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A Secure Connection for the Retail Industry — Petrosoft Introduces the Next Generation of DirectConnect

PITTSBURGH, PA–(Marketwired – December 02, 2014) – Petrosoft launches DC-301, the next generation of DirectConnect. The DC-301 is the reliable, fast and secure way for retailers to connect their POS systems to their back office systems without the need for a computer.

Computers are multi-use as well as multi-purpose machines and, in a retail environment, are likely to be used by many employees during the day which can increase the vulnerability and threats to your data and systems. The DC-301 has no active users and its single purpose is to provide a secure connection so your encrypted data can be transferred between your font-end and back-end retail systems. This can reduce overall data transfer time by as much as 37%, transferring all the data from a shift report in under 40 seconds.

This next generation of DirectConnect comes equipped with a back-up, internet (Ethernet), ATG, POS, EXT and serial ports so you can automatically collect sales data, price book changes, inventory data and transfer it securely to your back office system. Any approved administrative updates from your back office system can also be sent automatically to your cash register. Shift reports are also encrypted and backed-up on the DC-301 so you can easily recover shift data should your POS system malfunction.;_ylt=AwrBJR9G1n1UmCYAtOiTmYlQ

“The DC-301 can decrease data vulnerability by limiting access to your retail data. By increasing the reliability of your communications, you can not only decrease IT problems but also your costs,” said Sergey Gorlov, CEO of Petrosoft.

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