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Petrosoft Selects Intel(R) for its Next Generation Site Integration Network

PITTSBURGH, PA, Jan 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Petrosoft announces that it has chosen Intel® as its chip supplier for its next generation of retail Site Integration Network solutions. The chips will power the facility-level terminals which connect on-site retail devices such as IoT sensors, forecourt controllers, POS, ordering kiosks, loyalty, kitchen display units, and ATGs to Petrosoft’s Site Integration Network.

“As the worldwide leader in semiconductors, Intel® was a natural choice as a supplier. They deliver the chip performance needed for real-time business intelligence no matter where the solution is deployed,” said Sergei Gorloff, CEO and President of Petrosoft.

Petrosoft began developing its Site Integration Network in 2007. Originally, the solution provided a secure connection between facility-level devices such POS and ATGs systems to back-office solutions to track inventory, sales, tank fuel levels, and price book changes. As retail technology has evolved so has the Site Integration Network solution, creating the need for a powerful processor to run on its terminals.

Some benefits of the next generation Site Integration Network:

• Enables retail operators to harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT)
• Connects disparate retail devices and systems
• Provides seamless integrations using standard open protocols
• Enables real-time business intelligence
• Provides an open platform
• Architectured to connect and communicate across the enterprise

Petrosoft’s true-cloud platform and partnerships provide innovative business solutions for the retail and downstream petroleum industries. Beginning in 2002, Petrosoft transformed the convenience store industry when its founder, a retail operator and engineer, introduced CStoreOffice®, its cloud-based back-office software solution. Today, the company designs, develops, and markets end-to-end SME retail technology, enabling a seamless connection between manufacturers, suppliers, sites, back-office, and enterprise systems. The company continually strives to find innovative ways to enable retail operators to manage their forecourt, in-store and back-office operations. The company supports its product line from its headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. Find out more at

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