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Petrosoft’s Solution Helps Business Growth Reach 30% YOY

Petrosoft has a long history of helping c-stores streamline their business and become more successful by leveraging the industry’s top technology tools. In addition to providing leading technology developed specifically for convenience stores, Petrosoft prides itself in its vast knowledge of the c-store industry.

Duck Thru Food Stores is a chain of convenience and fuel retail stores spanning across eastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia. Before installing Petrosoft’s QwickServe in each of its 50+ locations, Duck Thru used slow and error-prone manual processes for coordinating food orders from front- to back-of-house. Amidst other issues, this process caused disorganization and presented a significant challenge to the chain’s employees and customers alike.

Results: Profits Increased Over 15% Across 50+ Locations

After installing Petrosoft’s QwickServe, Duck Thru Food Stores saw an impressive profit increase of 15% over all their locations.

More results:

  • 20 % GROWTH – Duck Thru has seen a 20% growth in their foodservice category since adding Petrosoft’s QwickServe solution
  • 30% GROWTH YOY – As new locations are added to the fleet, they have seen on average a 27 – 32% year-over-year growth in made-to-order foodservice sales
  • $2 INCREASE IN ORDERS – The average ticket has increased on average by $2 with the help of automated upsell/add-on options within the menus
  • FULL-TIME EMPLOYEE – They are now able to have a full-time resource work on growth and planning new locations vs. working on PLU’s and company wide inconsistencies from the old process.

Additionally, Duck Thru has seen an increase in loyalty and repeat visits due to the kiosk’s intuitive interface and the improved customer experience it offers.

“Offering made-to-order food through QwickServe has helped us to rise above the curve while others in the industry have declined in certain sales categories. QwickServe allows us to appeal to a larger variety of customers, providing delicious, affordable food for everyone who walks through our doors. We would recommend Petrosoft to anyone in the industry!”

-Jordan Harrell, Director of Food Service Technology at Duck Thru Food Stores

Petrosoft’s QwickServe Solution Helps Businesses Fill the Profit Gaps when other Categories Are Declining

Leveraging Petrosoft Technology for Made-To-Order Foodservice

Fortunately, Petrosoft was able to answer the call and stepped in to help them overcome these challenges. Here are the main benefits Duck Thru found with Petrosoft’s QwickServe software:

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

With QwickServe’s reporting and analytics, Duck Thru was able to track what they were selling down to the ingredient, and was now able to view item sales by tag. Before these capabilities, Duck Thru had difficulties measuring profitability on each item they sold. Where before, they sold eight different types of sausages at different price and profit points, now they are able to offer the same products across all locations for the same price to maintain consistency and profitability.

As with their sausage sales, QwickServe’s reporting empowers the retail chain to make better business decisions around product performance. They can easily and confidently plan for future expansions without needing to go to individual locations in order to forecast.

Ingredient Control and Cost Consistency

With new inventory management capabilities, Duck Thru suddenly had greater control over the ingredients they used, allowing them to keep their costs consistent. Before Petrosoft, Duck Thru had been struggling with site-to-site consistency.

Adding self-serve kiosks to its locations allowed Duck Thru to automate inventory counts and gain more control over all menu items, add-ons, specials and more. This provided a better, more consistent quality for the products they offered across locations.

Easy-to-Manage Cloud System

One of the best benefits to reach Duck Thru’s back-office was the addition of cloud capabilities, with added support from Petrosoft when needed. With the software in place, they have been able to automate the PLU price creation process, eliminating the 40+ hours per week previously spent on manual PLU creation. Additionally, they can maintain consistency throughout locations, ensuring everyone stays on the same page. Any updates to the system are just one click away and able to be completed in under 2 minutes.

Branded Mobile App for Easy Ordering

As a growing business, Duck Thru wanted to focus on fostering loyalty and improving the customer experience. Petrosoft’s system provided the ability to offer a branded mobile app through which customers can order ahead of time.

Because of its location in a blue-collar region with many hardworking customers that are crunched for time during their lunch break, Duck Thru leveraged the app to speed up the entire process. Instead of customers spending half their lunch break waiting for orders, they can now order ahead of time for pickup. This also eliminated the rush of call-in orders that previously delayed employees. As a result, Duck Thru can serve more customers in less time, and provide a better customer experience overall.

Final Thoughts

Staying competitive in the industry is no small feat. With many competitors experiencing loss due to declining tobacco and alcohol sales, Duck Thru has managed to maintain profitability and expand to new locations with the help of Petrosoft’s QwickServe technology. If you are interested in learning more about how Petrosoft’s technology can help c-store owners transform their business, contact an industry expert at Petrosoft today.