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Curbside Employee Puts Groceries in Car

3 Benefits of Curbside Pickup for Convenience Stores

Ever since the news of COVID-19 first broke, consumer behavior has been shifting. Customers are focusing on safety now more than ever. They want to get in and out of stores quickly, with as little contact with others as possible in order to reduce the risk of contracting this disease. Even as restrictions begin to lift and concerns decrease, safety is expected to remain a top priority for consumers moving forward.

Customers today are also used to receiving services instantly, which results in a growing demand for convenience. Customers now want things faster and easier than ever before, while still remaining as safe as possible.

The solution that fulfills both of these needs? Curbside pickup.

Curbside pickup for convenience stores effectively combines both of these priorities, allowing convenience store owners to provide the ultimate experience for customers. Here are some of the direct benefits of implementing a curbside pickup program:

Adds an Additional Stream of Revenue

Even in troubled times, business owners are finding ways to remain profitable. Curbside pickup allows owners to introduce a brand new revenue stream. Current customers may be enticed to purchase more online because of the ease with which they can add items into their carts. You can also attract new customers looking for an effective curbside service.

The right curbside software will give you the ability to add prompts for complementary products to upsell and cross-sell, raising sales even more. An intuitive solution should make it easy for customers to browse and buy items. By offering convenience store curbside pickup, you can easily sell deeper into current customers, while also bringing in new business—resulting in higher sales overall.

Strengthens Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty has always been integral to success for retailers. The best way to attain loyalty is to meet the needs of your customers. Curbside pickup for convenience stores allows you to meet the growing demand for safety, as well as convenience. This shows that you’re listening to what your customers want and providing those solutions for them.

When you demonstrate an understanding of your customers’ needs, you elevate the customer experience. That means that they will be much more likely to think of your store the next time they need a quick bite to eat or an essential item.

Protects Your Business During Uncertain Times

When you offer diverse ways that consumers can shop at your convenience store and purchase your products, you protect your business from succumbing to threats that disrupt normal operations. Should the virus continue to last, or should some new disaster arise, you will be better prepared to face it by having an alternate plan.

Convenience store curbside pickup allows your customers to get their essential items or fuel without ever stepping out of their cars. Not only does this give you a competitive edge and set your c-store apart from others, it safeguards your business during uncertain times.

Many lessons can be gleaned from the struggles COVID-19 has brought. One of the most important for convenience store owners is that nothing is predictable or certain. Consumer behavior can change in an instant, and it is critical that you can adapt to the times and overcome new challenges that are thrown your way.

Curbside pickup allows you to remain competitive and profitable—even during unforeseen challenges. To easily set up and implement curbside pickup solution in your convenience store, view our QwickServe Curbside Pickup app. With no transaction or hidden fees, easy integration, and marketing tools, QwickServe Curbside makes it simple to adapt to these changes and rise to the occasion.

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