Partners That Integrate with our Technology

Petrosoft and the CStoreOffice product suite is designed to make your business easier. For this reason Petrosoft has aligned with business and industry leaders to provide seamless integrations. Our software is supported and connects to  most of your existing tech stack. As we grow our ability to interact with more small business technology, will grow too. Please take time to review our current integrations. If there is a product or service that you is NOT listed please feel free to reach out to us. We are always expanding our integrations for customers to grow their businesses. The CStoreOffice suite of products will save you and your business time and money. 

Petrosoft has partnered with Altria to enhance the tobacco retailers’ ability to automate the management of their Altria rebate programs using our apps and Altria’s promotional AP

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Bulloch Technologies provides integrated pump control*, pay at the pump, electronic cash register functionality and point-of-sale devices. Through use of their XML data interface you can connect to CStoreOffice® and other back office software providers. Visit Bulloch Technologies for details.

Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. is a U.S.-based payment processing and technology provider.



CardConnect, a First Data Company, is a leading provider of payment processing and technology solutions. Their patented, PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE), and tokenization provide the ultimate data breach protection, all while streamlining the way businesses accept payments through a single source solution.

Wayne is forging new directions with advanced fuel dispenser equipment that enables retailers to do more with less. A global fuel dispenser manufacturer for retail and fleet applications.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root is the global leader in fuel dispenser technology and integrated fueling solutions, from the forecourt to the c-stores.

The NCR Corporation is a US-based computer hardware, software, and electronics company that provides products and services that enable businesses to connect, interact, and transact with their customers to the c-stores.

VeriFone sells merchant-operated, consumer-facing, and self-service payment systems to the financial, retail, hospitality, petroleum, government, and healthcare industries.