Handheld Barcode Scanners

With the development of E-commerce, delivery speed is in demand for industries such as transportation and logistics and direct store delivery. A smarter and faster solution is needed. The importance of device upgrade capability has become a crucial element in maximizing device investment and customer satisfaction. CipherLab continually aims to deliver a leading solution and has created the advanced RS51 rugged touch computer that can streamline data collection with one simple device. Along with reliable cellular and Wi-Fi transmission, the RS51 gives users extraordinary mobility indoors and out.


The added value of purchasing from Petrosoft?

Sign up as a CStoreOffice® customer, purchase the scanner, and Petrosoft will upload an existing CStoreOffice® customer’s price book and the CSO software to the scanner at no additional cost. Find out more about this solution by contacting your Petrosoft representative today.


Key Features

A Future Proof Device that is Adaptable to Future Changes

As an Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) device users will have support for multiple versions of the Android OS. The RS51 series is future proofed with Android 8.0 operating system and is upgradable to later Android version which maximizes device investment. Along with Google Mobile Services (GMS), your business can enjoy great user experience along with advantages in operation speed, power efficiency, data security and work seamlessly with a collection of Google applications such as Gmail and Google maps. With the OS upgrade flexibility, your enterprise can enjoy all the upgrades for years to come.

All Your Data Capturing Needs in One Device

CipherLab RS51’s versatile data collection supports 1D and 2D barcodes with comprehensive abilities to capture data in milliseconds, even if the barcode is in poor condition. The option of mid-range reader makes barcode capture in the warehouse effortless. Additionally, proof of service and video recording are made easy with signature capture and the upgraded 13 MP camera. It has HF RFID capabilities and supports contactless NFC applications in three modes. RS51’s versatile data collection easily optimizes your operation.

Reliable Field Mobility Makes Operation Easy Inside and Out

Your business and field workers can enjoy reliable cellular and Wi-Fi support. You never have to worry about facilitating large file transfers, video calls and remote access to backend systems with its 4G/LTE. Being connected to corporate system at all times allows you to acquire information, update backend system and receive notifications of information quickly. Supporting up to 2 SIM cards on 2 different networks, enables your workers who cover large areas in different countries to have constant connectivity. Also, a comprehensive GPS supports accurate positioning and reduces drive time. Voice capabilities, VoIP (Push-to-Talk) and VoLTE empower your field workers instant voice connection with staffs inside the office. The microphones with noise reduction and echo cancellation let users hear every word of every call in noisy environments or on the road in city traffic.

Ergonomic Design Centered On Usability

CipherLab RS51’s user-centered design is easy to use all day long. The auto-adjustable backlight and sunlight visibility ensures screen readability in or out the field. Regardless of wearing gloves or having wet fingers, the RS51’s multi-touch panel and stylus input has it covered. Options of 4000 mAh and 5300 mAh replaceable batteries cover a minimum of 12 hour operation. Its hot swap function and back-up battery offer smooth operation without worrying about data loss. Moreover, IP65 and IP67 sealing protects your device from dust and water. No matter how demanding your working environment is, you can rely on RS51 to get the job done.

CipherLab RS51 series, a handheld terminal grants user supreme capabilities to maximize productivity