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Is Your Gas Station Software Easy to Use?

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Streamline Operations

Gas in the cloud? Manage your station from anywhere. Update prices, track inventory, and watch sales live – all on your phone.

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Integrate Systems

Pump up your control. Monitor your station like a pro. Live report, instant price changes, and smart inventory – all in one dashboard.

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Build Customer Loyalty

Scan ‘n go! Change gas prices with your phone. No more manual updates – scan items, send changes to your POS, and fuel up your profits.

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Leverage Data Insights

Keep the register ringing, not the alarm. Watch live sales, track every transaction, and get loss prevention alerts – all in real-time.

Say goodbye to manual madness: Retail360® automates tedious tasks like inventory management, price book updates, and shelf tag creation. Spend less time crunching numbers and more time creating more efficient, customer-centric shopping experience.

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Available on the App Store and Google Play

Compatible with Most POS Systems

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