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Enrich your price book with ease with Petrosoft!

New feature announcement: Price Book Enrichment

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Petrosoft is launching a new price book enrichment feature for our existing CStoreOffice customers to make price book standardization and implementation easier. Currently, Retail360 customers can enrich individual items by scanning them with the Retail360 mobile app on a smartphone or scanner device. Our new price book enrichment tool puts the power of item data in retailers’ hands by bulk enriching their price book data. This data enrichment can be done to an entire price book, or by category, giving retailers the ability to control when and where their data is updated. Petrosoft is connected to the world’s largest UPC database, which means our price book enrichment features are second to none across the retail industry. With price book enrichment, retailers can:

  • Manage their price book from anywhere using our mobile app or via the web browser,
  • Track inventory levels for individual items or groups of items,
  • Generate reports to track inventory levels and sales trends,
  • Control and update all products and pricing information with ease,
  • Ensure they have up-to-date product information, including images and sizes.

“I would highly recommend getting this service done for your business! It really cleans up your items and gets your business organized.”

Robert Allen of Tennessee-based Oden’s Marathon.

Customers who opt to add price book enrichment to their subscription can enjoy a variety of benefits, including:

  • Reduce costs: automating the price book saves time spent on price book updates and inventory management, reducing labor costs, and enabling store owners and managers to focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Improved efficiency: add new products to your price book and implement pricing changes across all registers with ease.
  • Increased accuracy: eliminate errors with automated pricing and inventory tracking, taken right from vendor invoices and store inventory count reports.
  • Faster updates: Petrosoft’s extensive database of product UPCs makes it easy to update item data quickly and accurately, including dimensions and images.

Customers in the price book enrichment pilot program are already benefitting from the addition of price book enrichment to their CStoreOffice subscription. Pilot participants reported the new and improved price book data enabled smoother inventory ordering and made it easier to create pricing and promo groups. The addition of images to stores’ price books also made it much easier to identify which items were displayed.

“I love that you were able to give detailed descriptions to our UPCs as we just had the name of the product and not the sizing,” said Judy Duchemin of Big Mike’s stores, located in western Ohio. “You even have pictures!”

To learn more about adding price book enrichment to your existing CStoreOffice account, contact your sales representative or email us at

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