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Retail360 is designed with small and medium retailers in mind.

Back office software for small & medium businesses 

We designed Retail360 using our own expertise as operators of 24 convenience stores across Pennsylvania, because we know what back-office functions are most important for running your business. That’s why our app makes it easy for small retailers to successfully receive deliveries, perform inventory counts, update their price book, and more! Retail360 even connects to the world’s largest UPC database, allowing you to upload new products—with photos, pricing, and dimension data—right into your price book so you can get selling right away.

Retail360 offers features that retailers need to succeed. Take a look at how Retail360 stacks up against our competitors and why Retail360 is the proven choice for small and medium retailers looking to take control of their back office. 


Inventory app comparison

Modisoft Mobile
PDI CStore Essentials Mobile
Supported PlatformsBothBothIOSBothBoth
Membership RequiredNOYESYESYESYES
Free Unlimited Users
Export Inventory Data
Unlimited Free SKUs
Smart Price Book
Send Price Changes to POS
Lottery Rack Count
Print Shelf Tags
Inventory Write-Offs
Item Photos
Receiving Delivery

The Newest Back Office Software Features

While many small-business apps offer a few features, such as item photos or the ability to export inventory data, only Retail360 offers every functionality needed for small-business back-office, right from the palm of your hand. With Retail360, receiving deliveries and scanning inventory is easy and accurate, keeping your price book up-to-date and putting more money into your pocket. Get in touch to learn more or download Retail360 today on the App Store and Google Play Store. 

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