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3 Quick Fixes to Display Healthy Convenience Store Snacks & Drinks

Make it easy for customers to find healthy snacks and drinks in your convenience store, and boost your bottom line. 

Strategy: Optimizing your food displays is a simple way to help customers find healthy snacks and drinks, according to The Food Trust, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing community access to affordable, nutritious food. Changes to your displays will allow you to sell more healthy items and attract new customers.  

Boost Your Bottom Line with These 3 Display Fixes: 

  1. Stock Your Cold Healthy Convenience Store Drinks in the First Refrigerator Customers See — Display these drinks together by category: fat-free milk, 1% milk, plant-based milk, water – plain and flavored, unsweetened iced tea, green tea, flavored seltzer water (with no added sugar), and 100% fruit juice (not concentrated) — tomato, apple, orange, mango, cranberry, acai. 

    Bonus Tip: You can tell if flavored water is healthy by reading the label. It’s healthy if it has zero calories, no artificial flavors, dyes, colors, sugar, preservatives, or added sweeteners. 
  2. Display Healthy Snacks Together on an End Cap in High Traffic Areas — Group items like unsalted roasted nuts, dried fruit, trail mix without candy, and veggie chips together, so customers can easily spot these healthy snack options. 
  3. Identify Healthy Items with Signs or Stickers — Buy or make colorful signs or stickers that say “It’s Good for You! “Make Healthy Choices! or that show different ways to eat healthy foods. Then, post signage above, below, or beside healthy items to grab customers’ attention. They will quickly be able to find the healthy convenience store foods you sell. 

The Next Steps: Add more healthy items to your inventory so your customers have choices for healthy food and beverage options. Get great ideas for snacks to offer customers in 10 Healthy Convenience Store Foods That Can Boost Your C-Store Profits and in The Food Trust’s “Why Sell Healthy Food?” guide. 

Examples: Swap some of your salty nut products with unsalted or low-salt nuts and seeds. Offer alternatives to traditional potato and tortilla chips including black bean chips, vegetable chips, and whole-grain pita chips.  

Top Tip: Offer customers 100-calorie snack packs or grab-and-go snacks that many popular brands carry as quick and easy low-calorie convenience store snack options.  

Examples: Fruit bars, chickpeas, string cheese, almonds, dark chocolate, pistachios, cottage cheese, and hummus. 

Bonus:  Fresh fruit is an effortless healthy snack to offer your customers, like bananas, apples, and oranges. 

Try this: When you make simple changes to your inventory to offer healthy snacks and drinks, retail inventory control software shows you how often customers buy your new products, how many items you sell, and it can forecast your merchandise orders. Use the right back-office software to easily track, control, and manage your inventory and monitor sales in a snap. Request a demo of CStoreOffice® today! 

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