What is Price Book Enrichment?

  • Instantly compare your entire Price Book or selected Categories to our database of 300,000+ items!
  • Enrichment offers updated descriptions, sizes, images, and manufacturers.
  • Review changes at no cost before application.
  • Pay only for approved changes, approximately $0.10 per Item SKU.
  • The first 100 enriched items are totally free!
  • See results in CStoreOffice and your POS immediately! 
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Automate update your price book

The Petrosoft Price Book Enrichment Product is an advanced tool designed to revolutionize pricing and inventory management for convenience stores and fuel retailers. At its core, the product automates the critical task of price book updating, ensuring that pricing information across all sales channels remains accurate and consistent.


This is achieved through sophisticated algorithms that analyze market trends and competitor prices, offering optimized pricing strategies. The system integrates seamlessly with existing POS systems, making it easy to adopt without the need for significant infrastructural changes. With Petrosoft's solution, businesses can improve operational efficiency, enhance pricing accuracy, and respond more dynamically to market conditions.

CStoreOffice Price Book Management Interface
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Enhance Your Listings at Just $0.10 Each!

  • Powerful Tools: Elevate product descriptions, sizing, images, and more with access to our 300,000+ item database.
  • Efficient Inventory: Streamline processes and build customer trust with immediate catalog improvements.
  • Flexible Enrichment: Customize enhancements for your entire catalog or specific categories.
  • Cost-Effective: Pay only for changes you approve.
  • Risk-Free Previews: Review changes before implementation, at no cost.
  • Special Offer: Start with 100 items enriched for free!

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  1. Enrich your entire price book or selected categories
  2. Only pay for approved and applied changes
  3. Preview all changes before accepting, at no cost
  4. Start with 100 items enriched for free!
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